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REACH is a strategic framework for accomplishing mission in church organizations.
The following resources can be used by organizations desiring to become more strategic and mission-driven in their pursuit of excellence for God’s glory.   Underlines resources may be accessed free of charge from  This list will be regularly updated.
Cascade Powerpoint on Mission


P1(1)         Reach for Excellence (Rx) Inventory Church
P1(2)         Reach for Excellence (Rx) Inventory Conference 
P(1a)         Habit #1 Intro Presentation (expanded)
P(1a)         Habit #1 Intro Presentation PPT Slides (expanded)
P(1b)         Habit #1 Intro Presentation (short)
P(1b)         Habit #1 Intro Presentation PPT Slides (short)
P(1c)         Introducing Habit #1: How Mission-driven is Our Church? 
P(3)           Five-item Inventory (short) 
1(3)           Pastor’s Feedback Loop
1(4)           Church Administrator’s Feedback Loop
P4(1)         Creating a Mission-driven Church – Part 1: Introductory Toolkit for Local Church Leaders
P4(2)         Creating a Mission-driven Church – Part 2: Toolkit Ideas and Resources for Local Church Leaders (for presenters)
P4(3)         Creating a Mission-driven Conference: A Leaders Guide for Local and Union Conference Administrators

Habit 1a. Spiritual Climate
1a(0)        Pathways For Pastor Development
1a(1)        Spiritual Life Inventory
1a(2)        Spiritual Retreat Suggestions
1a(3)        The Pastor As Spiritual Leader
1a(4)        On One Accord A Spiritual Retreat 

Habit 1b. Relational Health
1b(1)        Church Climate Check
1b(2)        Guidelines For Constructive Communication
1b(3)        On Finding Common Ground*
1b(4)        Building Team Through The Early Engagement Of Key Supporters
1b(5)        Toward an Inviting, Welcoming Church (Entry Points)
1b(6)        Building Team Through A Collaborative Early Win
1b(7)        What's The Weather Like Inside?
1b(8)        Our Annual Whole Church Project

Habit 1c. Informed Guidance
1c(1)        Our Church: A Church Health Inventory
1c(2)        Survey Of Member Interests
1c(3)        Key Trends Data Sheet
1c(4)        Key Trends Sample Graphs
1c(5)        SWOT Analysis
1c(6)        Guidelines For Using Inspired Writings
1c(7)        Key Sources On Church Policy
1c(8)        On Strategy: Bible References
1c(9)        On Strategy: Ellen White Writings
1c(10)      Key Readings For Church Strategy Leaders

1c(11)      Church Profile
1c(12)      Church in the Community

Habit 2a. Mission Pervasive
2a(1)        The Power Of A Mission-driven Church
2a(2)        Committing To Becoming A Mission-Driven Church
2a(3)        The Mission Statement As A Strategic Umbrella
2a(4)        Formulating A Compelling Mission Statement
2a(5)        Becoming A Mission-Driven Church
2a(6)        Creating A Compelling Mission Statement 
2a(7)        Using A Mission Statement Common To All Church Organizations

Habit 2b. Vision Widely Embraced
2b(1)        Conducting An Inclusive Visioning Session
2b(2)        Setting Big, Healthy, Audacious Goals
2b(3)        Developing An Inclusive, Inspiring Vision 

Habit 2c. Priorities Set
2c(1)        Strategic Priorities
2c(2)        Setting Multi-Year Goals And Annual Priorities
2c(3)        Conference And Local Church Goals
2c(4)        Local Church And Local Ministry Goals


Habit 3a. Written Strategy Widely Used
3a(1)        Multiyear And Annual Strategic Priorities
3a(2)        Sample Outline For A Written Strategic Plan
3a(3)        One-Page Version Of Your Strategic Plan
3a(4)        Annual Roadmap For Church Departments
3a(5)        Managing Strategy Online (On Strategy Orientation)
3a(6)        Annual Planning For Church Departments
3a(7)        Creating A Concise Strategic Plan
3a(8)        Creating Mission-Driven Church Departments
3a(9)        NAD Strategic Plan (2020 Vision)
3a(10)      Strategic Plan Template (WORD)
3a(11)      NAD Mini-Strategy
3a(12)      Mini-Strategy Instructions
3a(13)      Mini-Strategy Template

Habit 3b. Budget Mission-Driven
3b(1)        Roadmap Budget Component
3b(2)        Sample Mission-Based Budgeting Process And Timeline

Habit 4a. Leader Development Organized
4a(1)        Pastor Development System
4a(3)        Church Officer Development System
4a(4)        Pastor And Church Performance Assessment
4a(5)        Supporting Church Officers (A Quarterly Coaching System)
4a(6)        Wanted: Every Member's Gifts 
4a(7)        Creating A Strategic Dashboard

Habit 4b. Collaboration Nurtured
4b(1)        Model For Ministries: A Collaborative Brainstorm
4b(2)        One Concept Of Transformational Evangelism
Habit 4c. Discipline And Follow-Through
4c(1)        How To Measure Progress And Impact
4c(2)        Strategic Dashboard


Habit 5a. Continuous Transformation
5a(1)        Assemble Monthly Progress Indicators
5a(2)        Our Strategic Calendar (Sample)
5a(3)        Continuous Communication
5a(4)        Informal Coaching
5a(5)        Guide To Our Church
5a(6)        Process Analysis Groups
5a(8)        Ongoing Feedback For Continuous Improvement

Habit 5b. Citations Of Excellence
5b(1)        Suggested Criteria For Identifying Mission-Driven Churches Of Excellence


1b(4)        On Finding Common Ground
1d(1)        Conference/Union Office Climate Check
1d(2)        Spiritual Retreat—Suggestions for Conference Offices
1d(3)        Civility of Discourse Between Christians:  A MOU
1d(5)        Informed Guidance for Conference/Union Leaders
2b(1)        Conducting a Visioning Session
2b(2)        Formulating Big, Healthy, Audacious Goals
2c(1)         Strategic Priorities
2c(3)         Conference and Local Church Goals
2d(1)        Clarity of Mission Inventory
2d(2)        Formulating a Mission Statement
3d(1)        Sample Outline of a Written Strategic Plan
3d(2)        Annual Roadmap for Offices, Departments, and Ministries
3d(3)        A Sample Sequence for a Mission-based Budget Cycle
4c(1)         How to Measure Progress and Impact
4d(1)        Strategic Dashboard
4d(2)        Ongoing Feedback for Continuous Improvement
5a(3)         Continuous Communication
5a(6)         Progress Analysis Groups
5b(1)         Sample Criteria:  Church Recognition Project
5b(2)         Sample Criteria:  Conference Recognition Project