A Tale of Two Churches

Church A


Evelyn Jones, health leader, is burnt out.  Central Adventist Church (a pseudonym) planned a community-wide Health Fair. It was successful—sort of.  Good crowds and great activities, but Evelyn nearly collapsed from the stress.  “I ended up doing this almost solo!”

Central has lots of events. But a closer look reveals little church-wide collaboration or focus. Just a few members run things. Most of the others—and the few youth left— sit idly on the side-lines. Meanwhile, the community barely knows it exists. Church A is dying a slow death.

Church B


David Jamison and his church team is focused like a laser on the surrounding community. There’s an infectious energy about the place. It’s vibrant with activity, thanks in part, to scores of youth and young adults who feel at home here.

Even the church architecture is based upon a mission-driven strategy with a three-bay repair garage offering free services to single mothers, a motel room, well-stocked kitchen, and a health club. Members enjoy coming to church.